Kentucky Derby Betting

Many horse racing bettors anticipate Kentucky Derby betting with an impatient approach as they are already willing to swear they are capable of predicting the Kentucky Derby results with great accuracy, earning great profit for themselves and their followers.

Kentucky Derby 2010 Race

Kentucky Derby Race
It is the “Run for the Roses” and “The Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports” as it is constantly referred to by those familiar with the race and event. The Kentucky Derby is a 136 years old traditional group 1 thoroughbreds race, held annually on the first Saturday of May, marking the end of the two week long Kentucky Derby Festival. The race attracts many horse racing fans and is the center of interest for many horse racing bettors keen on getting a piece of Kentucky Derby horse betting. One of the main reasons the Kentucky Derby is so popular is due to the fact that the Kentucky Derby contenders consist of the world’s top class horses when Kentucky Derby betting is all about picking the one horse, colt, filly or gelding, which bears the most chances of winning the race.

Kentucky Derby Betting
Going about Kentucky Derby betting might look exciting and rewarding at first sight but it’s actually not as easy and not as fun as it seems to be. It requires vast knowledge of thoroughbred racing as the race itself is a group 1 thoroughbreds event, which requires the bettor to be willing to put his or her funds on the line as predicting the results of the Kentucky Derby are not a trivial task since the horses running the Kentucky Derby are top of their class and form 3 year old thoroughbreds, a fact which greatly reduces the chances of accurately foreseeing the Kentucky Derby results. But still there is much beauty in Kentucky Derby betting. Because the race is both a challenge for the horses and the horse racing bettors it adds up to the excitement and thrill surrounding the event, setting it as the race of the year in North America.

Kentucky Derby 2010 Race Card