Kentucky Derby 2011 Contenders

Kentucky Derby 2011 is coming, The Run For The Roses is around the corner. The field is taking shape, World Wide fans are exciting, contenders and teams are ready. ARE YOU ?

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In order for horses to qualify for the Kentucky Derby, they must match strict conditions, both in terms of characteristics such as age and group, and the horse’s form and past performance in top class races. Kentucky Derby runners must be 3 year old and classified as group 1 horses. They also must have winning or placing records in major class 1 or group 1 races, in order to ensure they’ll match the other runners. The same goes for future Kentucky Derby 2011 contenders, AKA 2011 derby runners, who will have to comply with every qualification need in order to be cleared for racing.

Kentucky Derby 2011 Contenders
At this early stage, about 6 months prior to the Kentucky Derby race, little is known about the possible list of Kentucky Derby 2011 contenders, mainly because flat racing season starts in the spring meaning that the horses haven’t had a chance yet to prove themselves as worthy for Kentucky Derby 2011 contenders. A new generation of 3 year old will be carefully examined by trainers, owners and race organizers so that when time comes, they will all join efforts to create the list of Kentucky Derby 2011 contenders, trainers and owners suggesting their horses and race organizers qualify and approve. Jockeys will also have a hand at affecting the list, serving as senior advisers to trainers and owners, laying insights and general impression, determining whether a horse can cope with the run or not, insights and impressions which are based on racing experience with specific horses.

Predicting Kentucky Derby 2011 runners
Figuring out which horses will become Kentucky Derby 2011 contenders is not as difficult and complicated as it seems. Following the basic qualification conditions for the Kentucky Derby can help any horse racing fan or player to assume a list of possible Kentucky Derby 2011 Contenders. In order to go about forming the list, one must look for group 1 or class 1 horses that will be 3 years old when the race is due to run. Afterward, elimination of horses from this vast list is done by comparing their racing achievements, leaving only the horses that hold nothing less than excellent form and a high winning rate. These are probably the horses to enter the initial list of Kentucky Derby 2011 contenders, though many of them won’t actually run the race.

Betting On Kentucky Derby 2011 Contenders
Major horse racing events such as the Kentucky Derby allow horse racing bettors to engage in ante post betting which is betting long before the race in order to enjoy more appealing prices on the horses than those offered day of the race. Once The official list of Kentucky Derby 2011 contenders is published, it is published bearing odds for each horse. Bettors can then go over the racecard and try to spot horses which in their opinion are overpriced, and place a bet on them. This however can go the other way around, when odds go higher after a bettor has placed his bet, though in this cases the horse will seldom land the odds and win.