Kentucky Derby 2011 Packages

Being one the most famous races in the world, and one that is attended by the world’s greatest group 1 thoroughbreds, the Kentucky Derby race is a popular sporting event with more than 150,000 racegoers and horse racing fans attending the race, plus a respectable representation of VIPs and celebrities.

Kentucky Derby 2011 Packages
Kentucky Derby Packages are offered all year round, with prices being reasonable only if booked in advance, about 6 to 3 months prior to the race, when demand for Kentucky Derby packages and tickets hasn’t reached its peak yet. This is why booking Kentucky Derby 2011 packages for the Kentucky Derby 2011 in advance is highly recommended. Another way to get affordable, money saving Kentucky Derby 2011 packages is to book the packages which offer not only tickets and accommodation, but also transport (flight and rented car) and hospitality at the racecourse. Since the Kentucky Derby is part of the Kentucky Derby Festival and preceded by another race, the Kentucky Oaks, many racegoers prefer to attend the whole festival rather than just attend the race. Mainly for this cause, Kentucky Derby 2011 packages were specifically tailored for those wishing to enjoy the festival as well as the races.

Booking Kentucky Derby 2011 Packages
As already mentioned, there are numerous ticket booking agencies and online websites which offer Kentucky Derby 2011 packages and tickets but the amount offered is obviously limited. A simple search query at any leading search engine will produce all the relevant results one needs to get the best deals on Kentucky Derby 2011 packages. However, not all packages are worth the price, and not all booking agencies give the same price over tickets or packages. The best thing to do is to go online as soon as possible and commence a thorough research, looking for the best deals one can get on Kentucky Derby 2011 packages.

The biggest mistake most racing fans who attend the Kentucky Derby do, is to wait for the last minute before they buy Kentucky Derby tickets or packages. This results in many of them crowding together with other racegoers at the cash box, or running around like mice, trying to find a hotel or a motel that hasn’t been fully booked yet. Save yourself the hassle.