Kentucky Derby 2010

Kentucky Derby 2010 was held on Saturday the 1st of May, 2010 at the famous Churchill¬† Downs racecourse in Louisville, Kentucky. The Kentucky Derby 2010 race was an astonishing performance of the world’s best group 1 three year old thoroughbreds, and one with very surprising results, having the favorite Lookin At Lucky coming 6th at 63/10 and Super Saver 1st at 8/1. 2nd and 3rd were also quiet staggering contenders, Ice Box coming 2nd at 117/10 and Paddy O’Prado coming 3rd at 123/10, all odds considered to be of high value for the bet.

Kentucky Derby 2010 Goes Out of Frame
The Kentucky Derby 2010 results astound everyone as the first three places were taken by horses which had no more than a mediocre form and past performance records which could by no mean imply these horses have a chance to win the race. Kentucky Derby 2010 Winner Super Saver, had only 4 starts prior to his Kentucky Derby 2010 run and only one win out of those starts. Still he managed to over power giants like Lookin At Lucky
which had 8 starts prior to the race, 6 wins out these starts and two placing on the rest. Ice Box was also a one hit wonder, having only two starts and one win prior to the race but still coming second.

List of Kentucky Derby 2010 Contenders and Odds

Horse Odds Final Position
Super Saver 8/1 Winner
Ice Box 117/10 2nd
Paddy O’Prado 123/10 3rd
Make Music For Me 30/1 4th
Noble’s Promise 249/10 5th
Lookin At Lucky 63/10F 6th
Dublin 20/1 7th
Stately Victor 202/10 8th
Mission Impazible 167/10 9th
Devil May Care 109/10 10th
American Lion 232/10 11th
Jackson Bend 23/1 12th
Discreetly Mine 32/1 13th
Dean’s Kitten 26/1 14th
Conveyance 27/1 15th
Homeboykris 27/1 16th
Sidney’s Candy 19/2 17th
Line Of David 199/10 Odds 18th
Awesome Act 116/10 19th
Backtalk 231/10 20th

Kentucky Derby 2010 Results
Super Saver was doubtfully the Kentucky Derby 2010 hero, after tracking the leaders to their pace and gradually increasing his speed as the final 4 furlong were ahead of him catching the lead in the final 2 furlong, followed by Ice Box, who held well throughout the race, and Paddy O’Prado who switched 5th position for 3rd in the final 2 furlong. Many horse racing bettors were baffled by the results of the race as most of them lost their stakes going about Kentucky Derby horse betting and backing Lookin At Lucky which turned out to be not so lucky.

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