Kentucky Derby 2011 Horses

It is uncertain yet who will be Kentucky Derby 2011 horses to run the Kentucky Derby race on May 7, 2011. There is no doubt, however, that these horses will be the greatest horses in their field, winners of many major horse racing events, top of their class and group and ones with excellent form and racing performance. The list of possible Kentucky Derby 2011 horses, which will be published at around three months prior to the race is key factor that will affect the Kentucky Derby 2011 odds and, ante post betting, and the final outcome of the Kentucky Derby race.

Kentucky Derby 2011 Horses
Though months away, a horse racing bettor that knows a thing or two about horse racing betting can form its own list of possible Kentucky Derby contenders using a list of horses which comply with the Kentucky Derby conditions. Kentucky Derby horses must be 3 year old, classified as group 1, able to cope with the track and distance, and excellent in form. Obviously not many horses match the criteria and so estimating who will be Kentucky Derby 2011 horses becomes very much at hand. A bettor can come up with a list and when time comes compare to the actual declared list to see which horses are can make good bets.

Betting On Kentucky Derby 2011 Horses
One popular way of betting is ante post betting, which is betting on horses long before the race is due to take place. Kentucky Derby 2011 horses present staring price odds which in many cases are better than the odds they’ll have morning of the race. This means that horse racing bettors can enjoy better odds thus better payout case they identify an overpriced horse in the initial list of Kentucky Derby runners. As for regular betting on Kentucky Derby horses, unlike lesser races where the leading contenders can be easily spotted, the Kentucky Derby race is highly competitive with many horses equal in form and abilities, a situation which makes the race very unpredictable.

Whoever will be Kentucky Derby 2011 horses, they are almost sure to recreate the excitement and thrill of every year’s Kentucky Derby.